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Marble Surface

Disinfect your House and Business

This service is available only at Cd. Juárez, Chih., México

Keep your family, customers, and employees Safe.

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(up to 300m2 of construction)

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Protective Face Mask

Benefits of our Service

Electrostatic Sprayer


  • It has an effective residual power of up to 3 days, remaining active waiting for new microbial arrivals to be destroyed.

  • It is suitable for surfaces in contact with food without requiring subsequent rinsing.

  • It also gives excellent results in deodorization. It does not mask bad odors, it destroys them.

  • It is applicable on any surface without causing damage.

  • It has registrations with SAGARPA, FDA, and EPA. It does not cause risks to health and the environment, taking care of humans and pets.

  • It is a biodegradable organic product.

  • Our electrostatic system allows 100% of all surfaces to be covered in tiny cracks and corners.

How is it works?

  • Compressed air uses the disinfectant droplets turning them into the mist.

  • Leaving through the nozzle of the gun, a negative electrical charge is applied to the snow.

  • The positive attractive force of objects in our environment attracts the disinfectant with a force greater than the force of gravity.

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