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Disinfectant - detergent, scented deodorant

    EN Tests*: 1040, 1276, 13624, 13697, 13727
    Suitable for the daily disinfection of the washable surfaces
    Excellent deodorising effect

ONDA is a dual-action disinfectant-detergent. The active ingredient benzalkonium chloride, together with the non-ionic surface-active agents and balsamic essences, guarantees a certain disinfecting and cleaning, in addition to deodorising, effect. ONDA is particularly suitable for disinfecting and deodorising rooms where there is the risk of contamination, and however in all rooms used by the public (hospitals, schools, hotels, offices, locker rooms, bathrooms).

COMPOSITION: 100g of product contain: Alkyl-dimethyl-benzylammonium Chloride (Benzalkonium Chloride) 1,50g, non-ionic surfactants, excipients, dye, water
up to 100g. COMPOSITION (Reg. 648/2004/EC): sequestrant agents, phosphates, non-ionic surfactants < 5%. Contains: disinfectants, perfumes, coumarin,d-limonene.

In compliance with the following EN Tests standards*: 1040, 1276, 13624, 13697, 13727.

2% - 4% (200 ml to 400 ml in 10 L of water). Some drops of pure product on a sponge for deodorising action.

How to use
As disinfectant/cleaner for floors and various surfaces: dilute with water from 2 to 4% (200 ml to 400 ml for 10 litres). Spread the solution with a mop or rag, leave to act for 5 minutes, then pass over again with the wrung mop or rag to recover the exhausted solution. As deodorant for bathrooms, lavatories and washable walls: pour a few drops of concentrated ONDA on a sponge and pass over the surfaces to clean. As deodorising disinfectant for rubbish bins and toilets: dilute ONDA 1:1 with water (1 litre of ONDA for each litre of water), apply and leave to act for 5 minutes before rinsing, if rinsed.

Do not mix ONDA with anionic detergent or soap. They nullify its disinfectant power. Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye irritation. Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Wear eye protection. If eye irritation persists: Get medical advice/attention. Collect spillage. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with applicable regulations.

Before use, please always refer to the Technical Data Sheet and the Safety Data Sheet, with the exposure scenario, of the product. Use the PPE specified in the Safety Data Sheet.
For further information about the EN Tests & Effectiveness Conditions, please check the “Test and Conditions” Annex.
Sutter Professional cannot be considered liable for any damage due to improper product use.
Only for professional use. Safety data sheet available on request.

*Regulatory requirements surrounding the biocidal registration may vary according to each Country.

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